Valerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropyValerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropy

Peer Discussion Groups, Conferences, and Seminars
Most people are comfortable discussing money management. What is often challenging is sorting out the emotional impact of wealth on our lives and understanding how it affects our relationships.

Opportunities for open and frank discussion about these issues are few. Who do you share with that will understand? Who else is grappling with the same issues? What have other people tried that worked or didnít work? What lessons can you share?

Discussion groups with your peers provide a community of support and ideas. Whether it is well-known entrepreneurs, philanthropists, or inheritors setting the stage by sharing their experience or probing questions that ignite thoughtful discussion, these conversations are guaranteed to stimulate your thinking. Discussions include:
  • Personal Stories of Relationships, Wealth, and Philanthropy
  • Inherited Wealth
  • Women of Wealth
  • Philanthropy from a Philanthropistís Point of View
  • The Next Generation Speaks Out
  • Families Share Their Experiences