Valerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropy Valerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropy

The personal side of wealth and philanthropy
One of the advantages of being wealthy is that you donít have to worry about the basics in life, like keeping a roof over your head or food on the table.

Yet those worries are often replaced by questions and decisions that seem even more complicated. There are no easy solutions and few people you can talk with about the personal issues of wealth. Who do you turn to?

The Personal Side of Wealth
Personal issues of wealth are rarely addressed in estate planning or wealth management meetings, yet these decisions have a profound effect on people and their relationships.

For over 15 years, Valerie Jacobs has helped individuals, couples, and families wrestle with decisions related to achieving a financial, estate, or philanthropic plan that is a fulfilling and true reflection of their values. Whether it is through one-on-one sessions, family circles, peer-group workshops, coaching, or conferences with others of similar backgrounds, Valerie creates comfortable, confidential settings to openly discuss the personal challenges and issues unique to wealthy people.

The Personal Side of Philanthropy
Blending different points of view and interests into philanthropic goals and strategies can be harder than it seems. Having someone who has experience with the unique opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities that come with wealth and philanthropy can help.

Active in her own family foundation since 1988, Valerie Jacobs understands that making a difference is difficult. The opportunities and responsibilities can be daunting. One size does not fit all. There are no common answers.

As a trained family therapist, an experienced group facilitator, and a philanthropist, Valerie helps people sort through their beliefs to find the core values that enable them to focus on the causes they are passionate about and can support in an involved and strategic way.

By doing so, your philanthropy will be as unique as you are and as rich as the relationships you develop.