Valerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropyValerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropy

Inter-generational Wealth Strategies
Guided conversations involving you and your children or grandchildren can open up communication and build a strong partnership between generations. It is critical that money helps rather than hinders our children so they grow up healthy in a wealthy world.

Are we indulging them with too much or depriving them with too little? How do we find the right balance? What is their own sense of the relationship between personal fulfilment and helping others? How do they grow in their understanding of the relationship between wealth and responsibility? Discussions include:
  • The Family Experience of Wealth from Each Personís Unique Perspective
  • The Impact of Wealth on Our Relationships
  • Wealth, Freedom, and Responsibility
  • The Meaning of Giving Back: Making a Living by What We Do and a Life by What We Give
  • Financial Assistance for Grown Children: Tough Love or Open Checkbook?
  • Talking With Your Parents about Inheritance
  • The Grandparentsí Influence on Their Grandchildren