Valerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropyValerie Jacobs Consulting - The personal side of wealth and philanthropy

Wealth Workshops and Coaching with Families
Wealth may have its privileges, but privilege has its challenges from agreeing on priorities as a family to determining how to raise your children.

Money, like power, can be inherited, but responsibility must be taught. It is important to recognize the power of wealth, talk about it as a family, and build responsible lives. If you would like to discover ways to navigate the complexities of being a wealthy partner or parent with others like you who are finding their way, join the conversation. Discussions include:
  • The Power and Responsibility that Wealth Brings
  • The Effects of Inherited vs. Earned Wealth
  • Raising Children in an Atmosphere of Wealth
  • Wealth and Families: How to Connect and Support Each Other
  • How Much Do You Keep, Give Your Children, and Give Away?
  • What and When Do You Tell Your Significant Other or Your Children about Your Wealth?